KEF 2005.3 & PIONEER VSX AX5IS correct set up

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    Hi guys I'm after a bit of help/advice, I've just bought the KEF 2005.3 surround system as an upgrade to my old system. Ive kept my kef floor standers to try make a 7.1 system.

    The problem I have is my HiFi doesnt have the desired 'front height ' setting for me to have the floor standers and the new 'eggs' at the front. My only options are 'front bi-amp' or 'second zone' am I right in saying that choosing second zone would mean the eggs would be receiving a stereo signal as if to say I had them in a stereo configuration in another room? Should I just select front bi amp or just not use the floor standers at all and have a 5.1 set up. i dont have the option to have the surround back configuration as my sofa is right up against the back wall.

    the only other option is to bite the bullet and upgrade my amp, I have a 4k tv and BR Player now and upgrading my amp would allow me to have the option of front height speakers and the 4k capabilities.

    I've attached a photo so you get an idea of how I have it set up

    In the mean time until I have saved up can someone please advise on the best thing to do, it would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou

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