Kef 2005.3 and Onkyo 606, What speaker Cable


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I'm looking to setup my first home cinema system, totally new to all this so please can anyone assist?

I have identified the Onkyo 606 and Kef 2005.3 speakers within the system along with a PS3 and Panny th42pz80, but I'm not sure what speaker cable to go for.

I'm wall mounting the speakers\ TV and will be channelling out the wall to run the cables so need to get it right first time.

Don't want to spend a fortune, but also dont want to use just any rubbish. Any suggestions would be appreciated!:lease:



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Work out what thickness of copper you want in a speaker cable, then go to your nearest electrical retailer and buy the equivalent thickness 2 core power cable... It's cheaper, flexible and I defy anyone to be able to hear the difference... I've been down the dedicated speaker cable route myself, but was told to try power cable first... Not looked back since and saved a packet.


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Sorry for being a bit on the slow side with this but can anyone advise the best thickness of the copper? I'm really new to this and not sure what I'm after yet.


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