Kef 2005.3, and 5005.2


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I currently have a kef 8005 soundbar system

My local store has a sale on: 2005.3 for £248 and 5005.2 for £448.

Really big reductions (ex display)

I'm wondering whether either of these is likely to bring benefits over my current system (I have a Sony 3600es amp) equal mix of movies and music

Many thanks for any input

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Hi Moss

Sorry I am no expert, but the Darkside in me says dont buy. Just let me know where the store is and i will check them out for you!!!!:D:devil:

i would buy if you decide not too.

please please tell me where!!!!

best wishes and happy new year

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again, i'm no expert, I have 3005se with sony 5400es and they sound awesome. I have heard some of these soundbars, they do sound good, however in my opinion having the actuals speakers is better. I go for the 5005's

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