Kef 2005.2 with 3005 centre


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Just wondered if any one has tried this combination as i am thinking about upgrading the centre speaker on the eggs. I see you can now purchase the centre speaker of the 3005's seperately. the one problem i see is that it has is the bass cutt off of the 3005 is 70 hz and the 2005.2 is higher than this (not to sure what the frequency cut off is on the 2005.2's) and on most amps you cant set the frequency cut off on seperate speakers its just all or nothing.
was just hoping someone would have this set up and could pass on some advics
Thanks Matt


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I think many of us are waiting to get a response to the question of how well the 3005 centre performs with the 2005 set as, it is relatively new I think we may have to wait a while yet.The 2005 centre has always been the weakness with the package and owning a set myself I hope that this will be the answer.
The centre is not available mail order so, with about 120mile round trip:( it will be a while before I can go and see one.Let's hope someone responds and gives a review of it intergrated in a 2005 set !

Regards Tony
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