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Apr 17, 2007
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Hi all , Just new on here today.
I have been buying a new Yamaha Amp 759SE plus a Marantz 440 DVD player since i watch a lot of Music DVD's.
most people say that the kef 2005.2 is the best speaker package to buy and since i am spending a few pounds , then i want to get it right first time.
Was told by a dealer that it doesnt matter on the speaker cable, but i have used lindy scarts from the DVD to the TV for better picture on my B&O avant

If anyone has any ideas , Then let me know and if anyone is planning on selling any Kefs or something better than the kefs on the forum then let me know and i may put a bid in for them.

I have kefs, if you want something small and unobtrusive but that pack a proper punch for home cinema I wholly recommend these speakers, they look and sound excellent.
the kefs are very good in my opinion and very wife friendly :rotfl:
I have been tempted to buy the black kefs 2005 from for £500.
There are a couple of sites that selling the silver kefs for £450.

keep watching Ebay and missed out on a pack for £340 by £10 :rolleyes:

I have exactly the set up you are talking about Yamaha 759SE combined with the 2005.2's and it sounds phenominal.

The kefs sounded great with my old sherwood amp but having some cash spare from a TV swap out plumped for the 759 now I'm blown away. Detail is crisp, the sound stage is enveloping and the bass is sometimes a little to hot to handle (and the sub is barely on!!)

I am really pleased with my kef's they really fill the room and look cool to boot :D

One thing though beware of leaving the sub on and in auto, I've heard this can cause the amp board to fry, so I always turn mine off and also have it connected to the mains through a surge protector.
If you have some extra money definately go for the newer KEF 3005's.

If you think the 2005's are phenominal, then go on a demo and compare the 2005's to the 3005's I was immediately convinced.

I 2 wanted to get it right from the first time.
My 3005 set linked to my Yam 659 is what I always wanted!
Have a look at the cantons inthe power buy, you can get alot for your money going that way
Have a look at the cantons inthe power buy, you can get alot for your money going that way

I would be interested in hearing some more comments on the Cantons. They are not easy to demo and I am considering them against the Kefs and Aego T.
thats the same issue I have, though I am considering taking a trip to the shop to take a demo before I buy, the cd201 is what was recomended to compare against the kefs 3000s or Gallos
not heard much about the Cantons but had a demo of the
KEF 3005's which was great. Not heard the 2005's but the reviews are good
Have a look at the cantons inthe power buy, you can get alot for your money going that way

They are still pretty pricey for what looks like not very substantial speakers which also aesthetically look pretty poor. Of course they could sound great but I know of no shop in Galsgow which sells them or Edinburgh therefore making it impossible to hear what they sound like.
kEF 2005.2 are now on sale for £450 black or silver , Just one question , What do you think the Ebay/ second hand Kefs should sell for???

Lintone was selling a set on Ebay !! Starting price was £350 plus Postage !!! They offered me a set of silver for £450 brand new.

Noticed In newcastle in one shop , They where trying to say that they where like rocking horse poo and had sold out of them , But willing to take a deposit for the next time they where in stock ;-( walked into another shop and they had a few Sets , so maybe its the hi-Fi shop trying it on :devil:
If you think the 2005's are phenominal, then go on a demo and compare the 2005's to the 3005's I was immediately convinced

Had a demonstration of the Kef 2005 and 3005s today (with Denon 2807 and 2307 amps).

On films - I'd say that they both are good and I'd have been happy with either set of speakers.

On music - The 2005s sounded OK, but nothing better, and if you like listening to music (which you are) I think you will find them slightly dissappointing. Switched over to the 3005s and the difference was significant.

I bought the 3005s and took the 2307 over the 2807 to keep in budget, but the speakers had a much bigger impact on the sound so I am very happy. Just the issue of installing it all now.
yes its music really that i listen too.
You will have to let me know how your new set up is plus how easy setting up for great sound.
So i guess pound for sound , Its the Kef 3005
Not being funny, but the Kef 2005.2 will dissapoint for music and you will end up on a downward spiral of upgrades trying to improve them.

I had the Egg's and have changed the front two for Kef Q4's and have finally bit the bullet for full size reference jobbies.

Even from the Egg's to the Q4's was like night and day. Can you maybe pick up a set of Q series second hand for a similar price (although my Q4's fetched £250 on fleabay alone)

I have not heard a set of 3005's but would seriously advise a demo to compare these with full size speakers before parting with your cash. You may end up saving up for a few months, but will save a fortune in the long run.
I currently have a set of Mission 761i hifi speakers for listening to music via a Denon Hifi amp. Both are about 8 years old and I have always thought they sounded great.

2005s - did not perform as well and music through these would have been a step back.

3005s - IMO better my current set up.

Will provide an update once its installed - hopefully today.
How did the set up Go.

now looking at 3005s but those orbs look good from the USA
Well, I just replied to you in another threads about the same subject :rolleyes: .

Anyway ..... I got the orbs recently and I am very impressed with them. Upgraded from a Kef 2005 system as I needed something with a bit more umph for our new flat but still keeping the WAF high. The only problem would be that you'll be buying them without being able to hear them first unless you know someone with a set-up or you happen to go to New York or LA soon.

I find them significanly better for music than the Kefs and they are awesome for movies too. I would recommend the Mod2 set-up for fronts (or at least for your centre speaker), and a decent sub to go with them.

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