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Oct 5, 2003
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Can someone tell me if there is much difference between these two models in terms of sound quality.

Also is the sub different as I heard the 2005.2 sub is not up to scratch.

Oh and one more thing, does the 5005 centre speaker suffer from the same weakness the 2005.2 centre speaker suffers from.

Many thanks
Originally posted by emad
Also is the sub different as I heard the 2005.2 sub is not up to scratch.

You heard wrongly as it is the original sub that was a bit weedy. This one has been beefed up considerably
Common consensus seems to be that the original KHT 2005 sub (PSW2000) wasn't up to scratch, but the revised 2005.2 sub (PSW2010) is pretty good considering the overall package price.

I think the 5005 has a different sub anyway though.

Thank you Ian and Bladers

So do you think the 5005 package is sonicly worth the £400 extra?



I Believe sub wise both speakers are the same.....

PSW2010 for kef eggs and PSW2500 for pods appears to be the same spec but psw2500 costs an extra £50 and is of an oval shape.

When people do slag the PSW2010 I think people compare them to much better subs in a different league. As a £300 sub I believe it's quite good....

As for the middle speaker.. I've been told they sound like glorified TV speakers. I think this goes for all sat life style systems, you'd have to go for full size to get decent dialogue...

The main difference between the two appears to be with the speakers, apart from the obvious the shape, the 5005's go slightly higher to 30khz but only go down to 100hz....

Kef eggs are 90hz-27khz

But yet I have heard people say that you get alot more mid with 5005s and much better stereo performance and imaging.

I think the 5005s look more pleasing and I do think they're worth the extra IMO..

I'm gonna demo the two and see for myself .....

i'll let you know my thoughts...
Many thanks Depsi

This sums it up for me, I would be very interested in knowing what you think after you demo them.

I totally agree the 5005 looks miles better than the 2005.


5005 are superb speakers, look at my lil review in the bristol thread.
I am getting these to replace my M&K's...should say enough really. And a very big improvement over the 2005's and also look a lot better.

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