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Hi all,

I searched before posting this, and whilst there seems to be a few posts about unwanted 'buzzing' or 'humming' sounds, I couldn't find anything that matched what I'm experiencing.

I have a KEF 1000.2 subwoofer as part of a KEF KHT speaker package (I can't recall the exact range, it's about 5 years old now). All hooked up to an Onkyo TX-SR576 receiver.

Over the past month or so I've noticed an occasional low-volume rumbling sound from the sub, even when nothing particular is happening on screen to cause it. At first I thought it was coming from next door, as the noise really is that quiet, although noticeable.

The sound would come and go, usually lasting for no more than 5 minutes or so. Over the past few days though it's been more persistent, sometimes lasting for up to 20 minutes. Walking closer to the sub confirmed that the sound was indeed originating from the KEF.

Believing the cause to be related to the AV receiver or the sub interconnect (a fairly basic Cambridge Audio lead) I disconnected the lead, and was surprised to hear that the sound continued.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? I'll admit that I'm no expert when it comes to setting up a speaker system, and when I installed it I simply played with the receiver settings and sub dials until I found something I was happy with. Everything has worked fine until a few months ago.

The sub is connected to a Lindy mains-conditioning 6-socket power supply (not sure if they actually do benefit the sound in any way, but I was following the advice of a particually well-known Hi-Fi magazine...). My other AV components, including the receiver, Blu-ray player, TV etc are all connected to the same Lindy power supply.

Any help appreciated here folks, and thank you.



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Firstly check that its not one of the controls or switches that is "noisy" by exercising them.
If not, its likely to be a noisy chip on the pre-amp board.

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