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Hi apologies if this is the wrong thread, but felt most likely..
I have an old Pioneer Av unit, XV-DV22 home cinema amp which is wired in to my living room and works very well. For years this has been connected to an 12 year old Panasonic Viera TV and updated with a NOW TV digibox and PS3 being used as a media server for films stored on my network drives and via Amazon Prime and NOW TV.

It sounds great and the balance is just right. However NOW TV(SKY) have announced the PS3 will be unsupported in a few weeks which means I can't watch any movies from that in surround sound. Only their box will work, which is connected to the tv via HDMI. I'm trying to work out how I can keep all this going rather than buy new kit right now.
I've tried outputting the TV speakers, but only the old freeview signal will output via SCART to the Pioneer.
The TV has 2 HDMI, 2 SCART and the usual component video and RCA sockets we were all used to 12 years ago.
The AV unit has SCART and optical in which is how I connect the PS3. This works well for Blu-ray, Amazon and home streamed movies.

My question I suppose really is, if I have to just rely on thre NOW box, plugged in to the HDMI, will I have to buy a new TV with SMART features to put the sound out to the AV unit somehow or is there another solution? I may need to convert the scart to HDMI to connect to a new TV which will only have HDMI in, I imagine.

Pic of the AV outputs for help and the manual link is here.
I'd rather not replace anyhting yet but would rather do the TV first if I have to.
Any suggestions welcome,


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Does the TV ha e an optical port and does the manual say anything about any limitations to what is outputted on the TVs optical port

These days it's common for the optical port to output audio for all inputs via the optical but some older TVs had a similar limitation to the one you've found with SCART so won't output audio from the HDMI input. Do you have a model number for the TV, that might help.


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The tv is a Panasonic TX 32LXD60. It’s got 2 starts and 2 HDMI. Sadly it doesn’t have optical out.
Whats the usual connection for a newer AV now? Is it all HDMI or optical.


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Pretty much exclusively HDMI. Most AVRs do still have some legacy connections but in theory for AV use you only really need HDMI.

The very latest TVs and AVRs support E-ARC which stands for Enhanced Audio Return Channel which allows a TV to send full quality uncompressed audio the other way down the HDMI input from the TV.


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Thanks. So with a new HDMI tv can I connect to the older AV or not? Do these HDMI to scart converters work?


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Yes, pretty much all newer TVs will have an optical out that will output audio from all sources on the TV including the apps, tuner and any devices connected to the TV with a HDMI connector.

I'm not sure what sort of audio your Pioneer supports but the manual says it supports Dolby Pro Logic 2 so you'll get a surround effect of sorts even from stereo.

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If your PS3 has HDMI Out you could add a multi Input HDMI to HDMI + Optical switch to the system.


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