Keeping ITunes on CD Roms


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I don't want to use half my laptops hard drive on my ITunes collection (nearly 20G on a previous laptop). Is there a way of keeping them on CD or can I hook up the Ipod with the new laptop, keep the 2000+ songs on the Ipod and only add in new songs to the new Itunes on the new laptop?

If not clear let me know. Thanks


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The way i did it is firstly set your ipod to update manually, set up a playlist of what you want to save then burn to cd/dvd disc (backup then done). You can then delete from your library and manually transfer any subsequent additions to your library and then burn those whenever to back up.

That way you can then save valuable hardrive space on your laptop.


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You would find it far easier to use an external hard drive I think. You can get reasonably cheap external 200GB HDDs now.


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Yep, my collection is on an external 250gb drive, along with all my video clips, photos etc.

Absolutely invaluable when you change PCs - I just had to reload iTunes and point it to the G drive as a directory



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Thanks all - am now doing manual organising of my songs. 15g of songs on Ipod and less than 200 meg on new laptop. Will transfer all to CDs/DVDs as I have these but can see the benefits of an external drive.
Doing this has made me wonder why I keep so much on the laptop drive - will probably move lots more rarely used stuff (apps etc) to Cds/Dvds.


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I use a 80G external drive for my 60G iPod video and it really is a blessing as my computer only has a 40G internal drive.

Just remember though to make sure it is switched ON before you download any new iTunes. Otherwise iTunes will create a new folder on your C drive and save the songs there, instead of onto your external drive.

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