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I've recently purchased a couple of Sonos Connect amps for some in ceiling speakers upstairs.

I'd also like to add a hive unit for the boiler and some Philips hue lights.

I've already got power and Ethernet in the loft so thinking of adding the Sonos Connects, a router, hive unit and Phillips controller in the loft so they're out the way.

The lofts fully boarded and water tight etc but I'm a little concerned about the temperatures in the loft for the kit.

I've never took readings but it gets pretty cold up there in the winter (not below freezing) and hot during the summer.

Is this likely to cause any issues with the above kit or put it at a high risk of failure. I don't think the connect amps run too hot and they'll be powering in ceiling speakers so won't get much use.

I can locate them in a bedroom if absolutely necessary but it'd be easier and neater to stick them in the loft if suitable.

As its the heat not the cold that will be the issue, you wont need to worry about it for a good few months but when it starts to get warm next year I would start monitoring the temperature. Run the speaker cable for the Sonos Connects past where they would need to be located in the event that it was to warm in the loft then you are covered for both eventualities
Thank you for the quick reply.

I've just looked at the operating temperatures on the Sonos website and it says between 0 - 40oC.

Do you think it'd reach 40oC in the loft??

I think I'll invest in a thermometer for the summer!


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Hey arcam hope this helps. I have all my kit in a loft conversion bedroom since June and ive had no problem whatsoever with it. My kit is in a walk in wardrobe with plenty of space around it. Yes it does get hot in summer but doesn't have an affect on anything. Can take pics if you would like. Its never felt 40 degrees though so you should be fine!

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