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A couple of years ago; I ripped my entire CD collection to a NAS and stream my music via Logitec Squeeze Box Touches around the house.

This works well and to save space; I have now decided to pack the CD's and front covers into storage cases like THESE.

I've put the CD Jewel cases and the back covers into several crates and was going to put them into the loft. My wife has just asked me why I'm keeping the Jewel cases and why don't I just throw them out.

I said that if I ever sold the CD's I would want the cases; but she (rightly I think) says that CD's are worth so little; that it would be pointless to sell them.

So before I either go to effort of hauling them up into the loft or throw out the CD Jewel cases; is there a good reason to keep them?

Or should I bin the cases?

Theo Maxtible

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Whatever the sale value of your CD collection may be, they'd be worth a hell of a lot less without the cases/liner notes etc.

Of course, it may well be that your CDs are worth very little, but you may well want to know what this is based on, e.g. is it purely an assumption, or from some concrete knowledge after having done investigations? Over the past 12 years, I have bought very few CDs, preferring instead to buy SACDs and DVD-As, but if I have looked for some older-edition CDs for sale, I have sometimes been surprised at how much some are up for sale.


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I kept the cases for all of my CDs and DVD because of the resale value, but then I realized that the resale value of CDs and DVDs is so low that 90% of what I own wouldn't be worth selling at all, and the few rare\classic pieces that I own which might have a resale value just use ordinary off the shelf cases and I could easily just buy a bulk lot of new cases if I wanted to resell them.

Throw the cases away unless they are special or limited edition cases with something different about them. You'll never get much money for most of your collection.

Piracy and over-supply has taken most of the profit out of the market for small sellers.

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