keeping a receiver cool


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My wifge wants me to replace my current av cabinet which is basically a sideboard with 2 enclosed areas either side of an open shelved area. My av receiver sits in this open area and i have no issues with it

i am planning on getting one of these

however i assume putting an av receiver inside one of these spaces is a bad idea.

they do have a cut out for cables but i assume i run a risk of av receiver over heating.

i could remove the door i assume from middle section if need be

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ideally you provide a way to replace hot air with cooler air - if you want to retain the ‘look’ of the cabinet you indicate you could consider removing the back panels or creating a large cut out (x2).

You do have to ensure there is cool air getting into the cabinet rather than simply circulating the hot air.



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Apart from the heat issues how will you control the AVR if you don't leave a door open.


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Apart from the heat issues how will you control the AVR if you don't leave a door open.
The Frank Olsen range has this (Taken from their site):

"An I.R. friendly system allow beam thru to control your AV equipment utilising the Frank Olsen Intelligent eye remote control manager. The doors of the furniture are of a solid construction with a high gloss finish. This means no compromise in the design by using beam thru printed glass used by other brands. The Intelligent eye system enables the use of up to 6 pieces of AV equipment to be operated as normal by the standard remote controls with the doors closed and all equipment out of sight. With this feature, the stunning design will not be spoilt by open doors and visible contents."


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I put my avr in an oak cabinet. Took a large area of the back panel out as someone has said but I also use one of these fans that sits on top of the receiver. Runs really quiet and keeps it cool.



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I Have pretty much exactly this unit.
i ended up taking the doors off, although that was mainly driven by a small child opening them and pushing them to the point they broke..
However, i did find that the rear 'vents' did not really help too much with the heat. My Ps4 went into overdrive after 5 mins so i had to open the door.
I also found that my Marantz 6012 was too deep (when taking cables into account), so i would bear that in mind, my older Denon 2300 was just about ok. you get almost no room either side of the AVR, so free space above is essential. I found that having the glass shelf above made things worse, so i ended up taking that out completely, if i didn't do this the cabinet would get very hot.

This may sounds like a moan about the unit, but it really isn't. i like it, its visually pleasing, even with all the doors taken off. The IR passthrough the doors worked fine and is a good feature.

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