Keep Yamaha RX-V620RDS or change to Samsung HT-THX35R


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I am buying a new TV, Samsung 40" LE40R88BDX.

Yamaha RX-V620RDS,
Sony XE530 CD player,
Misson 702e floorstanders,
Mission 701 speakers,
Yamaha yst-sw150,
BUT a usless Gale center speaker.

The above ^^^ is OK but now it's ugly and big.

Where the Samsung HT-THX35R is sleek and elegant and will go with my new Samsung TV.

What do you think?


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you might get a better response from owners in the the All-in-Ones forum,as that is what the samsung is.
ill move your post for you.


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As in the original post...
I have a seperates system built around a Yamaha amp reciever but am thinking of changing to a Samsung AV system.

I am not expecting the sound to be as good but could it possibly be close?

Is the potential loss in sound quality worth the gains in space saved and asthetics of the unit and speakers only 1 remote.
My Yamaha does have a few optical inputs but the Samsung has new type connections such as HDMI and USB?

In you opinions... is it worth doing or should I stick with my separates?

thanks in advance for any opinions and advice


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ill answer for just now.
the samsung is hdmi out only,so thats only for connecting it to the tv.
any half decent dvd player,with hdmi out would do the same.
and it only has 1 optical,i think 1 set of phono ins,and thats about it.
compared to what you have,you wont have lost a lot,and not just sound quality.


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Hi, thanks for the reply

When you say it's HDMI out... might sound like a stupid question what would need sending out?
Isn't it only in's that is needed?
Does the unit need out's?
Sorry if that sound like a silly question.

I know it need in's...
TV will go into it
Games console will go into it
or whatever etc etc


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the samsung has hdmi out,as thats how it connects to the tv,to view the dvds,on its inbuilt dvd player.

as for connecting things,
you could connect 1 optical audio device,1 analogue(red/white phono) device,and 1 digital coax device i think,and thats all the inputs it has,really.

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