Keep what I've got or just change 'em?



I have a pair of Mission M73's as fronts, a Mission centre (not sure of the model), some crappy rears that I've recently just acquired from a mate, and a Rel Quake all being run from a Marantz SR4300. Anyway, due to changes in furniture and decoration, I would preferably like some silver speakers all round suitable for both music and film, and the wife has even come round to the idea of changing them :smashin: so am wondering whether I should just get some quality rears, or change the lot.

The advice I am after is to decide whether the Mission M73's are good enough speakers that you wouldn't change them and just get some rears that complement them or to change them all (except the Quake) for something else that would give me more for the money. Budget is around £500 (ish).

Had a look at some Kef Eggs at the Ideal Home Exhibition yesterday but have heard that they're not too good with music so not sure about them...

Any advice appreciated...cheers!


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I doubt any new £500 setup of 5 silver speakers will improve on your Mission M73's. I have them, so my opinion is both biased and experienced: keep the Missions at the front, then get the matching M7C2 (not M7C1 which is crap) and either the Mission M70 or M7DS for rears. The M70's are better for multi-channel music, the M7DS's are (a tiny IMO) bit better for films, particularly if you sit right up against a wall.

I have heard both MKI and MKII Eggs and the Missions are better than both for films and esp. music, where the Eggs suffer from a lack of midrange. There are a couple of other satellite speakers out there, just about in your price range, but even the best would only be a sideways step at best. Stick with the M73's and improve the centre/rears.


RS are doing a Mordaunt Short package for £500 comprising the 904 floorstanding fronts, 905 centre and 903 bipolar rears. All finished in beech/silver. Top quality, 904s should be more than a match for your M73s.

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