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al shookup

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Hi...for the last few days everytime I want to go to BT.YAHOO or any of my list of 'favourites' sites I am asked to sign in again with my user name and password. Even when I click on the button that will say 'keep me signed in on this computer' it still doesn't keep me in. Can anyone please tell me how to change any setting that's causing this?

thank you


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What browser are you using? Maybe it's clearing your cookies every time you close the browser

al shookup

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I use internet explorer. I am also having problems paying for items on ebay via paypal and they blame that on a browser. As you may see, I am not an expert on the pC so am not sure what i have done or what is causing it.


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Or another suggestion, I have been using lastpass for remembering usernames and password and works with most browsers - I think. Just a thought if you can't fix IE as its unlikely its clearing the cookies.


You could try doing a full reset of IE - I had similar problems in the past, the full reset deleted all cookies and IE settings and since then it has worked fine.
Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Reset


al shookup

Standard Member
Thanks...I have deleted IE8 and installed IE10 to see if that makes it better also I have done what you suggest.

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