KDS55A2000 Screen


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Have one of the wicked sets, got a few finger marks on the screen, whats the best ways to clean it??????



Use a very clean cloth, do not risk introducing any dust or other contamination onto the cloth in case you scratch the screen. It sounds silly, but my wife will often clean stuff with a cloth she has not checked the "face" of.

I had some finger marks on mine and I didn't even bother with detergent. I used a soft dry paper towel and just rubbed very slowly in the area. Either way, patience is the key. I avoided detergent because of how hard the water is round here (it has tattoos and body piercings) and I was worried about leaving a stain from that.

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Baby shampoo and de-ionised water is the way to go. Picked this up when I was fitting window films as a top tip. Have used it on many rear pro's to no ill effect. I dilute 15ml to 1 litre


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What I do is dampen a soft cloth with warm water, wipe the screen, then go over the screen with a dry soft cloth, works well for me, gets rid of any marks on the screen.

Whats good about this screen is that it has a rough surface, so nothing really sticks to it, finger prints tend to come off quite easy too. :thumbsup:


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Blow onto the screen and grab a lint free cloth and gently go over the area that has condensation from your breath. Works a treat, no marks at all :thumbsup:

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