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KDS-55a2000 bulb fan


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Our KDS-55a2000 is refusing to turn on, flashing 4 red lights. Reading online this means something in the cooling system has failed. I've confirmed this to be the bulb cooling fan. I'm having trouble locating a part number or a place to purchase a new fan from. Any ideas? :)


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The lamp model no. is: XL-5200. There are some on eBay for around £85 - bought one last year from a company in the US via eBay which was perfect. I found the lamp to be VERY FIDDLY to fit. You may prefer to buy the lamp housing as well.:smashin:
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I found this on a site called: fixya.com

"By jonicat on Sep 20, 2008
My TV is actually the KDS-60A2000. This web site did not allow for that exact model number. Anyway. This is the story regarding 4 red blinks of the power light.

First time this happened and the TV would not power on I thought it was the bulb. I removed and re-installed the bulb. A total no brainer. Anyone! can do it! even your Cat or Dog?

The TV did work for a while, however a couple of months later the 4 blinks returned.

I googled the problem and narrowed it down to the cooling fan for the bulb.

Don't call Sony.
You'll get India or the Phillipines and get no where!

I ordered the fan directly from Sony part number 883586031 it was around $30.00 including shipping.

If you're a little handy you can install the fan yourself.



Make sure you see which direction the writing is facing on the fan blade. i.e one side of the fan is all black the other side of the fan blade has writing on it.

If you put the fan into the housing backwards the air will be blowing the wrong direction.

This fan is located on the lower left side of the TV. very near to the bulb.

NOT the little fan dead center of the TV. The fan you are dealing with is hard to see, actually almost impossible to see, until you get the back off the TV.

1. Unplug the TV and remove the side cover to the bulb access where a screw is hiding.

2. Remove all the other screws that hold the (lower back panel) to the tv.

3. Carefully unplug the plugs that will allow you to remove the box that contains the fan. Two or Three.

4. Remove the metal chasis bar that attaches the top half of the TV to the bottom.

5. Carefully remove the whole box that contains the fan.

Please take careful note of where everything was. a digital picture before you start works wonders!

Re-install in the reverse order.

I saved $400.00 bucks.

If you prefer not to deal with the fan on your own. I found that once I got the TV operational with the old fan installed. I was able to go into the settings menu with the TV's remote and set the fan speed to high.

I think it is less likely to stop running in that mode. This fan we are speaking about sits right behind the light.

Perhaps a gentle tap on the back of the set, may jiggle the fan enough to get it running. Once running and the set lights up, you can then change the settings mentioned above and perhaps get more mileage out of the fan.

I will update this message, if my fix was not the problem."

Hope this helps!:smashin:
All the best

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