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KDLL32MRX1 Screen Aspect Ratio

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by mattgb, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. mattgb


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    OK - as many of you know some LCD panels are 15:9 aspect ratio - as is my KDLL32MRX1.

    To be honest I am not that bothered since the resolution is 1280*768p and `basic` hi-def only needs 1280*720p.

    What does annoy me though is that you don't seem to have much control on how a 16:9 signal is displayed:
    * The built in Freeview gets stretched to 1280*768 (15:9) and so everyone appears a bit thin on widescreen broadcasts (for analog this is actually better than a 16:9 stretch on 4:3 or 14:9 broadcasts - not so much fatness going on).
    * RGB Scart inputs (e.g. from my Humax 8000t recorder for example) get cropped at the sides (you can adjust the RGB offset in the menu to make sure it`s centered, and thus see the missing information on each side).
    * Component inputs (from my DVD player) - these seem to be stretched vertically again as per built in Freeview (although I am not absolutely sure about this - have only seen a couple of movies on it so far - so maybe cropped - but you have no centering control - maybe not nec. on component inputs? Star Wars: Return of the Jedi for example actually looks ok stretch-wise - hmmmmm).

    Now what I *want* to do is display 16:9 stuff in a letterbox (i.e. small black bars at the top & bottom) so that I get the correct aspect ratio (for Freeview, RGB & component). For the analog I am happy with the way Smart zoom works.

    Failing that, cropping would be preferred - as most of the time you're not missing much at the edges (although I admit this is still annoying, but less annoying that loads of bloomin tall thin people making me feel even more guilty about that packet of Japanese Chocolate Pocky's I just scoffed :)).

    Is there any way to do either of these - possibly via a service menu?


    P.S. If anyone knows of a service menu for the KDLL32MRX1 that I can go into (regardless of above) that would be cool - as the colour balance def seems a bit out (too much blue).

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