KDL32S2510 to KDL32S3000 and now to KDL32D3000....is it worth it?


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I was originally looking at a a 32" LCD for around £500, looking at the KDL32"S2510 and LE32R87BDX models on Amazon....

Then came across the KDL32S3000 with empire's discount, coming to £590...

However, on going to the local Sony centre for the umptinth time!!!!, I came across KDL32D3000 for £720 + delivery and inusurance....so around £755

Is the £250ish jump worth it?

Also, every salesman keeps recommending the panny? D700....but apparently they arent as easy to get hold of....

Any advice would be much appreciated....:lease:


Along these the best are 32S3000 and 32D3000.The 32D3000 adds to the 32S3000 the 100Hz,10bit panel,24p compatibility.The 100Hz help fast moving scenes and football matches!!


relevant?100Hz improve fast moving scenes,football,action films.24p has to do about blu ray and movies.2 different things,but in the end do a perfect combination!!!


The 700 adds one more HDMI input has different sound if I am correct

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