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Hi, I have got my w2000 connected up to my pc via dvi to hdmi. Everything works fine programs, windows xp etc, however, I tried to play a couple of games on it and they don't seems to display properly. I recently tried Medal of Honor Pacific Assualt and i just get a black screen. The graphic card that i'm running is a Nvidia quadro 4000 and the tv is running at 1080p. I have tried running the games at lower resolutions 1024x768, 1280x720, 800x600 and still nothing works.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Sorry but I can't answer your question but I do have one of my own - Can I ask how you are getting audio through the DVI - HDMI connection? I have tried connecting my KDL40W2000 this way and I can't get audio and have had to revert to a DVI - VGA connection on which I can only achieve 1360-768 @60hz

Any advice would be appreciated.:smashin:


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Hi, im not getting any audio through the dvi-hdmi cable because the cable connects to the graphics card, so im am having to use the sound card which is hooked up to my surround sound equipment.

Hope that help!



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HDMI does audio and video. DVI only does video, not audio. Therefore with a DVI-HDMI cable you will only get video (and no audio) and would need to use a seperate cable to transfer audio...

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