KDL-55W905ABU or KDL-55W955BBU


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just want your thoughts on the above 2 models one w905 2103 model has got a good panel and colours ,while the 2014 w955 is a newer model
which one should i go for the price is not an issue.
want to play games on xbox ,watch sd and hd tvmostly ,one off blue ray and 3d
got sky hd pack,netflix
is there any difference between teh active 3d and passive 3d glasses ,ive read that passive 3d put less strain on eyes ,any picture compromise in either of them
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if you're viewing straight on. then the 905 imo is the much better tv. sony switched panel from the 905 and if you read reviews it's not rated anywhere near as high.

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I'm interested in the 905 too but it's a good £200 above my budget and the problems with the viewing angle and pink screen are concerning. Seems impossible to find a TV without a slew of reports about serious problems.

What's the 905 like for SD TV broadcasts? The other Sony LED's I looked at yesterday looked terrible with SD footage on them.


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This will help.
Picture Perfect | AVForums

copying settings may give you a worse picture than you start with as every set and environment is different.
worth playing around with others settings, but bare in mind the above.

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