KDL-40V3000 is component faulty


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Jan 2, 2008
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Had this TV 5 months and it really is great and had no problems until now. Well I have never had connection problems in all outputs before ie 3 x HDMI 2 x Scart etc. I had never used the componont out until today for my Wii and it never worked. Can anybody help. I will mention a few points first.

1) I have double and re checked the connections match and are all in for sure.
2) I tested the cable on my samsung componont and it works fine.

I can hear the sound but the screen is just black and now that my samsung works i cant think of anything else there is to try. I am sure this sound like a faulty output.
This does sound like the component input on the TV may be faulty, but I would definitely suggest trying another component source into the TV to see if it is the case.

Ensure the source device is set to a pretty normal resolution (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) and see how you get on.

Also, a little note that your above comment comes across a bit hard and is unlikely to encourage a response or help from anyone. Perhaps a simple 'anyone?' might have been appropriate.

This isn't one of the busiest forums, but we do aim to help.


I have to ask, did you change your settings in the Wii Setup menu?

You have to select 480p, and although the Wii Home menu will output in 480p, not all games do (or have to) support component output. Make sure you try from the Home menu without a Disc inserted.

Just a thought, and also, be nice, you're asking for help, not a refund. :smashin:

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