KDL–40NX723 or KDL–40HX723 - which to buy?


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Sep 14, 2006
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I want to purchase a new 40” tv, and am a Sony man (unless you have valid reasons as to why I shouldn’t be..)


KDL – 40NX723

Love the monolithic design, but doesn’t have as good specs as:

KDL – 40HX723

.. but that only comes in monolithic design from 46” and up (40" really is the biggest size I want), so would have to have the bezel design for the 40” model.

Both are the same price according to the Sony site. Is the 200Hz HX723's picture going to be so much better, that I should forgo the monolithic design?? I've never had a 200Hz tv before, and ones I've seen show a slightly 'unreal' looking image IMHO. Can't find either of these in stores in Luxembourg yet for a viewing.


Thanks, Gareth
no-one with any viewings on either of these yet??
I don't know about the HX, but the NX723 sets don't hit the shelves until July, I believe. So it's not surprising nobody can tell you which looks better in the flesh. However, I could have sworn the NX723 would have 200Hz anyway, stepping up from the 100Hz of the NX713.

For what it's worth, when I did a side-by-side comparison between the 40NX713 and the 40HX803, I bought the NX.
nx723 is going to be 100hz.

just seen that mid-july is release date for hx723... end july for nx723

this has been changed from a previous may release date :-(

what were your reasons for going for the nx over hx??

many thanks :)
I just stood in front of the two in John Lewis, where handily they were side-by-side. 100Hz vs. 200Hz wasn't a big concern for me anyway, as I planned on turning it off (it's probably more interesting if you ever plan on using the 3D capability, however). But the flat 'monolith' glass front on the NX seemed to give deeper black that just disappeared into the frame, and everything looked subtly better somehow. There wasn't a huge difference between them in raw image, though, it's mainly that the NX looks a lot nicer in the room when it isn't being used.

NX was also £100 cheaper, which didn't hurt.
many thanks for that!!

any other comments as to whether 200hz has any value?? (sky hd, french digital hd, occasional ps3 streaming and gaming)...
If you are planning on 3D the NX713 really isn't very good - where as the HX803 really is very good.

Thats your 200Hz difference in a nutshell.
no real interest in 3d...

forgive my ignorance, but i assume all 200Hz tv's can run at 100Hz without any detrimental effect on picture quality??
I too bought the 40NX713 which is a great set. The NX713 came out August 2010 which means they were added to the range a little later than some of the other ranges. By releasing their replacements in July means that the previous models would have been on sale for about a year, which seems to be when most manufacturers bring out new ones.

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