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KDFE50A12v - best connections arghh!!

Shady Deal

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I have just found out that my component inputs do not like progressive scan!! I have tried with at least 3 DVD players/recorders and as soon as I switch progressive on with component input the picture either scrambles or has hiccups and constantly jumps up and down.

This leaves me with the "interlaced" option that is solid as a rock.

I still have the option to connect my panasonic ex85 recorder via RGB scart which is all I have left! Which connection is best, component via interlaced or RGB scart from a technical point of view?

I will now say how the rest of my equipment is connected:-

Sky HD to HDMI (1080i is great)
Sky HD optical out to Amp. (Amp only has one optical connection)

Denon 3910 DVD player connected via component (interlaced)
Denon 3910 DVD player Coax to Amp. (amp only has one coax connection)

Digifusion FVT200 scart connected to AV2 on tv.
Video connected to scart on FVT200

This now leaves me with my headache... I have not got any connections left!! apart from scart on AV1 on the TV.

My new DVD recorder has only a optical out and this is already used in my amp....

What I really could do with is a HDMI one to three splitter and optical splitter one to two so I can connect my new recorder via HDMI(1080i great setting on this tv) are these things freely available and at a reasonable cost?

I was thinking about selling my denon 3910 as it seems a waste connected via component at 576I !! and I was going to use my Panasonic recorder as my "new" player for DVD's.

What am I to do and can I get the splitters??

Would it be reasonable to leave the denon alone and add the PanEX85 using scarts?? it would still be nice to use the optical out but again a splitter would be needed.

The TV is also connected via the RCA connectors to my amp for everyday sound.

Like I said earlier, is my Denon 3910 going to give a better picture at 576i component, or the Panasonic recorder via RGB scart??

Any advice would be great and any links to splitters as going HDMI/Optical
would I am sure be best.

(P.S. I got my Tv when the model was first released so it is now out of warranty!! - Never used the component inputs in all that time!)

Thanks for any help

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