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    I've just recently purchased the KDF-50E3000 Sony Bravia LCD Projection TV. I have to say the HD pciture is very good, however I also needed to hook up a PC to this TV. I followed the instructions and bought the DVI to HDMI adapter and connected the PC running Vista to the HDMI 2 input as recommended in the manual.

    Well the PC display is sharp, except for the upper lefthand corner which is blurry a bit. The problem is, is I cannot get the resolution of the PC to fit the screen. The video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT running the latest driver software from NVIDIA. The options are set to DVI HDTV output and set to 1080P resolution. When this is set the desktop is by far way off the screen in all directions, like the desktop is bigger than 1920 x 1080P. The refresh rate is 60Hz.

    The only resolution that fills the screen is, 1768 x 992 @ 60Hz. I have tried changing settings in the Nvidia Control Panel and looking at the Manual for the TV. I have turned game mode to ON and Wide SCreen set to full... if I use the controls on the TV to move the picture it moves but doesn't squeeze down to fit... Thinking 1920 x 1080p being native I thought selecting that resolution would fill the screen, not go beyond it.. I also have this problem at resolutions like 1280 x 1024 as well... Any smaller has black on all sides..

    I am new to HDTV and connecting PC's to them, but I must be doing something really wrong here because I can't believe it's been this tough to get the PC Display to display correctly.. I just took back a Samsung DLP 50" that had a VGA connector on it and it worked like any other monitor, it automatically fit everything even when changing games within Vista.. but that had a warped display issue and went back..

    If I use any game in Vista that is at a lower resolution with this Sony TV I get black all around it, like empty space where it should stretch out I would think to fill the screen at the new resolution... I am very confused here I am sure there is some setting in here somewhere that will correct this. This is my first Sony HDTV so I am unsure of where to go from here...

    Thanks for any info you can pass on...
    FalconYT :)

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