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Hello all and thank you for reading another thread on which TV to buy!

I have had a read through the forums and from various reply's and options I have narrowed my choice down to three TV's but now need a little push in the right direction.

Sony KD55XF9005 £799 or LG55SM8600PLA £699 or Philips 55PUS7334 £749

A quick overview of my situation.

Google Home integration is a high priority.
I have various Google home products.....however I already have a Chromecast Ultra as I use Stadia so do I need a TV with android OS? If so this would bring the list down to 2 Sony/Philips

The Viewing angle isn't as high.
We mainly sit directly in front of the TV and the stand I will mount it on turns if needed.

What we'll watch.
I have just ordered Sky Q with HD and UHD but the majority of things we watch are Netflix, Prime and what I would call normal channels (BBC, ITV C4, Sky One, Sky Atlantic etc.)

When watching normal TV we tend to use the TV's own speakers, however when gaming and watching films we use my AV amp which is a Sony but hasn't got Atmos. this is fed to a 5.1 speaker setup.

As you can see I am looking at £700-£800

Is the Sony worth the money as its a 2018 model effectively?
Is the LG missing Google home integration or will my Chromecast give me that?
Is the Philips to buggy - I've heard mixed reviews?

Many thanks for any help you can give!!


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I thought the LG, much like the HiSense U8B, was a step down from the Sony in terms of HDR and peek brightness, backlighting, etc.

Having just seen HDR content running on the Sony I can confirm it is worth every single last penny! (Got mine for £699 as a refurb from Sony (1yr warranty though)).


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Thanks @tmcd677

I have been impressed with Sony's build quality as the TV I am replacing is a 50" Sony that is now about 6/7 years old and still works absolutely fine just it hasn't got the HD capability's and picture processing of newer TV's.

My blu-ray, AV amp and games console are all Sony hence why this Sony made the shortlist.

I like the Ambilight effect on the Philips and used to have a Philips Ambilight TV before the Sony but reviews on the actual set seem so hot and cold, professional reviews seem to say its great but user reviews are very mixed.

The LG was a bit of a curve-ball, never owned an LG but a friend has one and the picture is very good with Sky HD.

Of course I can't find any shop that stocks these to do a direct comparison, in fact I haven't found the Philips in-store anywhere to actually look at in the flesh!


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@zeppelino Not much really......wifes always in lol

I have a PS4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. I have mainly been using the Stadia but that's probably because its my new "toy" and my wife only uses the Switch.

Overall though Streaming services and Sky content are what we do the most so this is what I would prioritize when buying the TV.


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The Sony is the best option. The Philips is overpriced for what it is, while the LG is only good if you need wide viewing angles.

I’d consider the Samsung Q70 also.


Have you seen: My best value TVs, 2019-2020 Edition

You shouldn't be considering the LG and Sony since they both use different panel types and are completely different ranges of TVs.

The Philips really is not a good option, we know very little about it, main worry is not knowing what type of panel you get when you own the TV.


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Hi @Dodgexander , thanks for the Info.

I'm afraid I am by no means an expert and indeed read some of the threads on screen types and just ended up very confused!

The reason I was comparing the LG and the Sony was purely on price. They were both mentioned in your thread My best value TVs, 2019-2020 Edition I know they have different viewing angles due to different panel types but as I wasn't worried about the viewing angle I discounted that as a decision maker.


You shouldn't be considering TVs like the LG unless you have a particular need to save money and want better viewing angles. There are much better options elsewhere, even if you are shopping for a TV that isn't capable with HDR.

The TV is in the guide for people who need wide viewing angles, but at the cost of overall picture quality.

Those TVs do not make the cut with HDR at all and will give you problems displaying HDR material on them. For you I guess that will happen when you use a show available on HDR in Amazon or Netflix.

In other words you should definitely think about the Sony XF9005, comparing it to the LG is a little like comparing a Vauxhall car to a BMW.


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Thanks @Dodgexander that is a real help! I can now discount the LG/Philips and focus on the Sony........

So should I go for the XF9005 which as far as I can see from looking on the web will only have Android 8 Oreo and not be up-gradable or shall I go for the newer KD55XG8796BU which has or will update to Android 9 Pie.

Currently £80 price difference between them, I'm guessing the XF9005 has a better panel but will the overall experience be better with the newer XG8796 and the fact that I'm mainly going to be watching Sky/Netflix would the better panel be worth the cost difference?



No, the XG85/XG87 range are not capable HDR TVs. It also uses an IPS type panel and performs close to the LG you were originally considering. Avoid like the plague.

If you want a 2019 model look at the XG9505 instead. It comes with the updated software and more powerful chipset so it will run smart TV faster. It also has better HDR as it can get brighter.


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If you're using a Sky Q box how much will you be relying on the TVs UI anyway? As to panel, do have or will you pay extra for, UHD Sky Q and/or UHD Netflix? Either now or in the coming year or two? As soon as you do the extra £80 is worthwhile for the HDR panel.


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Thanks @tmcd677 and @Dodgexander

The answer is yes I will have UHD when Sky gets installed in a couple of weeks.

So Guess its the XF9005 as I cant afford the XG9505 (currently £999) although I'd like it!

Thanks for your help guys, I'm off to see whats the best price I can haggle on a XF9005......


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Best of luck, only had my XF9005 installed for a couple of days. First thing I did was iPlayer, 7 Worlds. My eyes near popped out of my head!

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