Question KD55XE9305. Good deal or worth waiting?

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by dandydon, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Ive been looking to buy my first 4k tv over the last few weeks and have been reading this site trying to get an idea of what tv best suits me. Settled on the Sony XE9005 as seems to be an excellent all rounder which is what im looking for (watching movies, ps4 pro and sports).

    Like many people on here ive been sending price matches here, there and everywhere trying to get a good deal from a reputable supplier. Some were a bit speculative, though John Lewis has just priced matched one i didnt think would work.

    One of the Currys deals for a free blu player code when applied at checkout was knocking the price of the player off the bundle price when checking out. Worked out at £1349 for the
    SONY BRAVIA KD55XE9305 + Sony UBP-X800 Smart 3D 4K UHD HDR Upscaling Blu-Ray/DVD Player .

    Was hoping to get the 55XE9005 for around £1,000 over Black Friday, but am now seriously considering this deal.

    Is this Tv much of an upgrade from the XE9005 and is it worth it with this blu ray player or worth holding out a while longer for a better deal?

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