KD55-AG9BU only 2 out 4 HDMI ports work correctly from new, other two give No Signal


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Hi... Recently purchased a 55" AG9, lovely TV but !! ... HDMI ports numbers 1 and 3 only, on connecting, give no signal warning. HDMI ports 2 and 4 operate correctly. Any device operating correctly on HDMI 2 or 4 when connected to either HDMI 1 or 3 will give no signal warning. Bravia sync is operating and any Bravia sync capable device connected to HDMI 1 or 3 (e.g. my Sony UBP-X700 Blu-ray) WILL show that device's name in the input but still always no signal. This all implies cables are OK, Bravia sync is working but HDMI 1 & 3 ALWAYS no signal... HDMI 2 & 4 ALWAYS good.

It seems to me from this that I have a genuine fault on HDMI 1 and 3. Is there any way I can test this more fully to ascertain exactly what's wrong ?

So far, I have done 3 'soft' resets (restarts) and 2 full factory resets but I always end up with the same problem as described. Perhaps 1 and 3 are paired with one controller and 2 and 4 with a separate controller, implying the the first is unserviceable.

This is starting to look like a return to John Lewis situation, only 2 out of 4 HDMI ports operating is very poor but just maybe someone else has come across a similar problem with this TV which would help ?

I'm using the latest software PKG6.5042.0633EUA and I've only had the TV for 1 week. I have never been able to setup HDMI ports 1 and 3.

Would appreciate any suggestions, thanks


I have the same problem with a Sony 49XH9505 where 3 out of 4 HDMI sockets show no signal. Only the eArc Works. I have complained about a sub standard main board issue probably caused by bad chips used and subject to failure? Get your TV exchanged under warranty. My warranty expired before I discovered the problem and Sony will not provide any help. The repair will cost £400 on a 14 month old TV.


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Rays1, Ouch ! ... sorry to hear about that. Seems like you perhaps just wanted to use a soundbar then decided to attach more devices later and that's how you found out. It sounds like a short warranty period though ? I thought Sony were generally long warranties, the AG9 is 5 years. My AG9 was only 2 weeks old and the retailer has taken it back and fully refunded because they are now out of stock and there will be no more. No issues with that side of it, their service was very good and I have managed to source a new (fully working) AG9 from another retailer. With Sony though, not sure, I would have thought port testing would have been part of the quality control. When they are working well, I still think the AG9 is nothing short of fantastic but it has its quirks, I guess like most things ! Even the latest example I have would not show the 'Recording Devices' option in the 'Watching TV' menu. The HDD REC USB port was treated exactly the same as the other 2 media USB ports. Only a factory reset on a new TV, even with the very latest software, got me out of that. There might even be good folk out there who don't even realise that their TV could actually be used as a PVR, there would be no evidence of it unless you carefully read the online manual / specification in detail 😂

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