kd28dx50 owners



hi all just got a kd28dx50 and suffers from vertical bands moving slowly up the picture this is a real shame as the picture is pucker
im gona contact sony about it. has anyone else had this problem


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i,ve got the 32", mine has got very faint vertical bands across the screen which are only visible if you look for them and only on a dark background such as when credits roll. i put up with it, better the devil you know! and reading these pages gives the impression of faults like this on many modern tv,s. Are you sure you don,t mean horizontal bands if you can see them moving up the screen!


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I have kd28x50. I only get faint vertical bands on a dark background if the brightness is turned up. I don't notice most of the time.

Sounds like you may have a problem.



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I have the kd32DX40, this has horizontal scrolling bars upwards, about two moving up keeping the same width apart from each other. You only get it sometimes and has been less noticeable recently. Perhaps its only on some broadcasts, I keep meaning to look for it on a dvd.

Had the telly for over a year and happy in most respects - PQ is mostly excelent, I'd have to agree with bockster, "better the devil you know". But then again it depends how bad the problem is and how much you notice it.


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