KD-49X8005C Picture Problem/ Distortion


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After some help or advice please.

I have a Sony c TV with a Sony BDP s4500 Blu Ray player. I also have Sky Q and an XBox 360 all connected via HDMI cables.

About 2 weeks ago my son switched on the Blu ray to watch a DVD and the picture was very poor. The best way to describe it is that it is grainy and edges of images have a ghostly highlight. Now this affects all of the following: Blu Ray player playing a Blu Ray disc or a DVD, Xbox 360, Amazon Prime through the App on the TV, anything via the streaming channels source on the TV and anything through the You Tube app on the TV.

I have connected the Blu Ray and Xbox to another TV (cheap Blaupunkt) and they are fine. I have connected an Xbox One to the Sony KD-49X8005C and it too is affected. The Sky Q is absolutely fine on all channels be it SD, HD or UHD. Strangely if it is UHD through Amazon Prime that too is absolutely fine HD or SD through Amazon is also affected.

I have switched the cables and ports around to use the cable and port the Sky Q is currently for the Blu Ray and it is still a problem.

So as far as i can tell as long as it is a UHD picture it works. It doesn't seem to be the ports, cables or ancillary devices. I spoke extensively to Sony support and they changed the HDMI ports to Advanced and did a factory reset on both the TV and Blu Ray but still no change. The TV and Blu Ray are both update firmware wise as well.

I am struggling to work out what else it could be. I have attached a file that is a comparison of an image. The left side is from the Sony using the Blu Ray Player and the right is the Blaupunkt using the same Blu Ray player. both images are from the same Blu Ray disc.

Any help gratefully received otherwise i think it is a trip to the repair shop.

Thanks in advance



You have mentioned factory resets, but a more important reset for this sort of spurious behaviour is a power reset.
So if it has not been done so far in all the various bits of troubleshooting, then do it now.

Leave disconnected from the mains for at least 10 minutes.


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Hi Gavtech - just tried that - left unplugged for 30 mins+ but no better when plugged back in and switched on again.
Given the symptoms exist over a range of internal and external sources, I suspect what you're looking at there is a proper fault in the TV, in a section of the processing such as the scaler which is required for everything but UHD native sources.

On the plus side, it does make Michael Douglas look somewhat less haggard. :p


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So after the TV went to local Sony specialist and back to Currys, both diagnosed a faulty motherboard. Local Sony specialist quoted £280 to repair and Currys said it was not economically viable to repair. They also dropped it in transit and broke the casing and the screen which really did make it not economical to repair! End story is they have refunded me the original purchase price so i have £570.00 to spend on a replacement. Had a wander round John Lewis today and saw these 3 and wondered if anyone had an opinion one way or the other on them:
  • Panasonic 50EX700B
  • Samsung UE55MU6400
  • Sony 49XE7073
main usage is general TV/ movies (Sky Q) and Blu rays. Son also has Xbox 360 hooked up to it.

or any other advice would be greatly received


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Definitely the Sony,I have the 55" model of the one you mentioned,had two of those Pannys,very poor screen quality,unable to comment on Samsung.

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