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Yes I've removed it. Why? Because yet again someone saw fit to draw the attention of the retailer/manufaturer to the thread here. I'm not interested in letting the AV Forums be caught up in the middle of a dispute.

KBDVD I agree 100% with your point, disagree 100% with the way you expressed yourself.
Now I have spent more than £5 worth of my time reading and dealing with the thread.


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Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused and the time that you have had to spend dealing with my thread! :blush:

I would have to confess however that I am disappointed that the thread has been removed as I thought that this forum was the correct place for discussions of this nature, and that "justifiable" criticism of the standard of service being received from retailers was acceptable and even encouraged just so long as this doesn't deteriorate into plain abuse and name calling. This decision is all the more disappointing in light of the fact that you have now publicly stated in your post that you agree 100% with the point that I was making.

I would have thought that all of my posts were quite clearly only representative of my own views, and in no way shape or form could have been construde as suggesting that those views were either condoned or supported by the team at AV Forums.

I was clearly questioning the validity of the retailers standpoint in this matter and was using the thread to report on the "on-going" discussions that I was having, in addition to seeking the views of my fellow forum members, but I am concerned when you say that you "disagree 100% with the way I expressed myself" as I feel that I was neither directly abusive or rude about the retailer concerned at any time in my posts, Highly critical most definately, but certainly not abusive or rude.

If however your comment is a reference to the fact that I supplied the link to this thread in my e-mail to the retailer, then I am very surprised about this, but clearly and quite indefenceably guilty. :(

I'm afraid that you will just have to take my word for the fact that until I read your above post, I was completely unaware that the practise of encouraging actual retailer involvement in open forum discusions of this nature was unwelcome.

My reasons for supplying the link were twofold:

Firstly, (and quite obviously) this was an attempt to apply some pressure on them, and maybe let them see that their T & C's could potentially be losing them business. This was also clearly an attempt to shame them into a more positive stance regarding my own grievence, and I freely admit this.

Secondly, I am a great believer in both "free speech" and "the right to reply" and I felt that as I was publicly criticising this retailers practises on the forum, they deserved to be able to both see what was being said about them, (both by me and my fellow members) and more importantly have the opportunity to reply to these criticisms, putting their side of the argument.

It is a great shame that instead of taking this opportunity to represent themselves here, it would appear that they have apparently chosen to apply pressure on you to close the thread instead.

The ironic thing is that, should this be the case, all that this has really emphasised is that they felt unable to substantiate and support their position in this matter. That being the case it is probably the clearest "admission of guilt" that they could have made! :laugh:

Again, my apologies for any trouble caused.

Best Regards,

ps: As you did not close this thread I have presumed that it is ok to post my above comments. You will also notice that I have by design, not refered to the retailer by name in the hope that this compromise is sufficient to allow the reply to stand. If it is not then please either delete my reply or edit it as you see fit.

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