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My Kazuki DVD-2800X came today from Ebuyer, minor problem to start with in that it has european plug attached instead of UK plug (strange considering it has a union jack logo on the back of the box), luckily my FTA Satellite decoder has the same plug but has an UK adaptor I can borrow till I get a reply from ebuyer on whether they forgot to send an adapter.

Been playing with it tonight and I'm loving it, I've not tried everything yet but so far this is was I've found-
*Commercial DVD's - couple I've tried are ok (to be expected)
*Personal burned DVD+RW - 3 (hi bandwidth) episodes of 'Worst Xmas of my Life' with menu burned using Sony's DVD Architect - played with no issues
*1Gb USB Flash containing a TV recording (hi bandwidth) of Life on Mars (no compression as saved from satellite feed) and 2 xvid programmes from net - TV recording played distorted but I expected this as I've read the usb interface isn't 2.0, xvids played no problem with excellent quality
*1Gb SD Card - 2 episodes of Life on Mars as xvid which were created from satellites recordings and converted to xvid using AutoGK - xvids played no problem with excellent quality
*320Gb Seagate USB External HHD - this is my backup drive for my PC, it reconised the drive ok and spent a few minutes identifying directories that had possible music, pics or video file, once this finished it got it's knickers in a twist, the first file in the list I think wasn't supported but it thought it was a music file so tried something before giving up and going onto the next file (not good when you have 2000+ files), whilst this was going on nothing on the remote would work although you could stop it on the player it self but press play on the player and it'll attempt it again. It would be better if you could just select the file, tell it if it's music, picture or video then it decides if that file only is compatible, if not it stops to allow you to manually select another. I think if I just had xvids on the HHD then I might of been ok, but I don't think it's aimed at having such a large HHD attached. (Maybe a future fireware update with improve this)

Still to try:-
Hi bandwidth MPEG2's just dragged to DVD+/-RW
Divx on all media
Xvid on DVD

cheap £25
Size - nice and small (travel size)
dvd tray load quiet
dvd play itself quiet
Ease of use to play xvid's from USB flash / SD Cards

Euro plug (no adapter for UK with mine - maybe mistake)
Manual - very basic, doesn't give specs (what are remote buttons 'RAN' and 'PBC')

Multi region - don't have any discs to test

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