Katzenberg's pay per screen inch movie prediction

Steve Stifler

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Anyone see this in the Wall Street Journal? Makes me wanna RANT!

Is this just going with the flow, like MP3 and music, which led to a degradation in quality of music playback? Convenience because some marketing person thought that's what the lemmings who are the great American public wanted. Yeah I know we are the connected generation, but that doesn't mean the world's big brains have great ideas. Look at HS2, an analogue product for the post digital generation. Who cares about getting somewhere faster if you have a super phat broadband pipe, you can do so much more. Might save the planet too.

Its happening already. But will everyone be getting their movie fixes on the go, abandoning the cinema and tubby tellies, and cricking their necks to watch on the super small screen? Should we forget our 4K, Auro et al aspirations? ILM, Skywalker etc can throw away their high tech goodies and break out their old Atari 1040s for CGI. All you then need is the movie camera equivalent of a box brownie to get PQ suitable for a phone.

Long live 4k, 8K, LPs, FLAC and all the other things about good quality sound and picture reproduction I say.

Breathing into the brown paper bag now!

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