Kate Bush ?

What do you think of Kate Bush?

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That babooshka video................. OMG!! *drools* :D

Takes me back that does!!


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Looked a bit scatty, but the music was good.
Fav track was Don't Give Up with IIRC Peter Gabriel


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Sorry Kate, but you annoy me. My wife only knows how to play either your CD's or Tori Amos. And I hate your music a little bit more than hers. :mad:


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Originally posted by Chris Lamle
Where is she now?
Well considering she was releasing stuff in the 70's, she's well past it now.

BTW, my question was related to her music, not her looks.
I'd never thought really about that aspect of her...


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She has some distant relations in the US - one of who seems to be a bit dim - but running the country:(


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loved her!,i named my pussy cat katy after her.

katy 1989-2003.R.I.P

i miss my pussy......................:devil:


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I'm really suprised...I thought I was in a minority and the usual response of most people is along the lines of "euuughhh, Kate Bush?!".
I've got everything she's ever done - on vinyl and CD and have to say she's probably my favourite artist even now.


What do you think of Kate Bush? Looks or musically?

Looks wise nether good or bad.
Hated some of her songs yet some I realy like such as Man With The Child In His Eyes, Don't Give Up and Running Up That Hill. Others I though were over rated like Wuthering Heights and Babooshka. But everyone to there own taste.



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I have heard of her, but never heard any of her music (to my knowledge).


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Originally posted by stevegreen
She was/is a babe!

I have always had trouble seeing her that way as she is the spitting image of my Mum! :( :suicide: :eek: :zonked:


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Only reason I bought The Kick Inside was Dave Gilmour connection, at first I thought it was different but not very good.
Back then record shops used to sell a lot of posters, flicking through them in W.H. Smith came across three new ones, Kate sitting cross-legged in a satin blue leotard with blue knee length socks ( leggings, they were all the rage in late seventies ), Kate face and neck only, raven hair, ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips, black background and best of all, Kate in a semi see through lilac coloured vest looking really fine ! Put them on bedroom wall next to Nosferatu and a large Blue Oyster Cult print.
I remember a segment on The Tube where Muriel Gray was talking about Kate's latest video with some of the audience, one guy said he really respected Kate Bush for her musical prowess and the way she didn't exploit her sexuality to which Muriel replied, " you don't think she exploits her sexuality ? C'mon IT'S BLATANT. I should co-co ! :D
Looking back on her albums there are tracks which are utter rubbish and others which I still play often. She was innovative but sometimes embarrassingly twee. Interesting Trio Bulgarka vocal arrangements, the drum sound on The Dreaming - no cymbals at all ( ! ), didgeridoo, maybe we wouldn't have Rolf Harris doing Led Zeppelin covers without Kate's re-discovering his talent.
She was political too, highlighting plight of indigenous Australians, hey don't say aborigine, and animal rights.
Noticed her one afternoon standing alone outside London's Astoria, dressed in faded denims, black suede ankle length boots , a black crombie overcoat and a wooly hat. She wore no make-up and despite my crush on her, for the first time I noticed how enormous her ears were, proper wingnut, and how her face was sort of elf-like with a pointy nose and a dimple in her cheek. At first I thought wow, it's amazing how people look different when heavily made-up for photo shoots or on TV. She autographed my copy of Heart's Dreamboat Annie, a white cover so it showed up well. I couldn't think of anything to say, so I told her I had all her stuff, as you do, and asked her what hi-fi she had ? She replied Linn LP12, and Linn Sara speakers, the best you can get for rim-shots ! I really wanted to take her home, liking her even more. :devil:
So all of a sudden she's 46 ...WOW !!! :eek:


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I noticed her large ears first time I saw her which is why I probably never thought about her "that" way and was only ever a fan because of her music.

Agree that some of her stuff is/was a bit twee and embarrassing.

It says something though when you can still listen to her music 20-25 years later.


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[By Garrett]


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What about Kate's bush?


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Recently bought "Hounds of Love" on CD......sounds as good on the Karik as my vinyl copy does on the Sondek.

Yes ,a big fan of her early work here.......but then I am old enough to remember Wuthering Heights!

and the Babooshva video?........very tasteful!

Rambo John J

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My lady's a big fan. The music doesn't really do anything for me though apart from a handful of tracks.
The Chris Achilleos inspired Babooshka vid was pretty neat though:thumbsup: :p


I dont play her albums anymore, but at the time......not only was she a definite pin-up, but her music was totally different to most commercial stuff and that was in an era where there was a fair amount of good commercial music. I think of her as the Bjork of that era, but better looking......hope thats not an insult.


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Originally posted by karkus30
I dont play her albums anymore
Try digging some of her old stuff up....you may be pleasantly surprised.
I find I still enjoy listening to her even now.

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