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I'm new here and far from an audio expert. Trying to set up a karaoke system using the following:

1. Smart TV with hdmi input

2. Laptop - hdmi out to TV and audio out (headphone) to Mixer. The laptop runs the online karaoke service I belong to.

3. Mixer to Powered Speakers. The powered speakers have as input: Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical. This may be my biggest sticking point. I'm not even sure if I need a mixer but in my research, most seem to have. In research, it seems most use an XLR cable. But my speakers do not have XLR input - only Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical. I can't seem to find or know how to set up a mixer to powered speakers with Digital Coaxial or Digital Optical. Nor do I want to spend $300 on a mixer - hoping to get by with $100 or less. Based on this information can anyone give me a clue how to set up

4. Wireless Mic with a base as a receiver. Even though I'm not 100% sure basically I think I would just plug the mic base into the mixer but please elaborate if correct or not and maybe confirm what cables and inputs are involved.

In the above list, I have Smart TV, Laptop, and Powered Speakers. I'm in the market for Wireless Mic, Mixer, and whatever cables I need.


Have you seen this thread, in particular this post?

The conclusion is that the powered speakers add too much of a delay. But you'll have to try this yourself as your speakers may not. You can convert the 3.5mm headphone output of your laptop into 2x phono outputs to connect to a mixer. Not sure if converters exist the same way for XLR.

I think any TV will be fine for what you want to do, you could just buy whichever is cheapest. Input lag on all with game mode applied will be low enough for Karaoke. The only pieces of advice I can give is to make sure you search for a TV using an IPS panel if you intend to view the TV off axis, and not only directly in front.

If you intend to send the TV a 4k signal, you will also need to make sure your laptop is capable of outputting 4k at 60hz..the specification needed for that is a HDMI output supporting version 2.0. If you connect a laptop that does not support HDMI 2.0 you can still send HD to the TV, but it will not be as clear.

I will move this post to the section of the forum I hope will attract the best help, if the post I linked doesn't already answer your question.

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