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Kamelon has problems with all my stuff!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by dedics, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. dedics


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    Having read good things about how easy it was to get the Kameleon up and running, I've now spent some time trying all the codes suggested by One4all-- and not one thing works completely correctly! Does anyone know what the correct codes are for the following kit (or have any suggestions where I can find out -- I've tried all the obvious websites) ?

    Philips 28DW6557 IDTV -- only 0037 works at all, but many functions are not controlled

    Panasonic NV-HD640 video -- 1362 is the only code which will bring up menus but navigation doesn't work

    Cyberhome ADL528 DVD -- 0714 is the only code, but menu navigation/entry don't work

    Philips FW66 hi-fi -- tried all the amp/tuner codes, 1089 and 1269 are similar -- input select doesn't work, and TV switches channels using up/down buttons.

    This isn't exactly promising -- I didn't expect perfection first-time, but no complete successes out of 4 is pretty bad! If I can't get reasonably close with predefined codes I doubt if there's enough memory to learn everything from scratch -- never mind the time and effort, which the Kameleon was meant to save!


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