Kameleon - how to get 'pause' in a macro command ?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by phil r brown, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Just got my new Kameleon ( thanks to this forum ), £59:99 from Dixons direct and 5 days delivery... I quite like it so far and very easy to set up with the pre-programmed codes.

    However I am trying to set a macro to power up couple of devices, and have a problem.... my Panaosonic TV ( PL30 luvly ! ).. requires the "on" button to be held down for approx 2 secs to start the tv... and I cant see a way to get this "pause" into the kameleon macro !

    Has anyone found a way of programming a "longer pause" into a macro string on the Kameleon??

    n.b. will be real shame if I cant do this, as the macro function was one of the big draws.

    Many thanks Phil

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