Kameleon Battery life


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Just as I'm about to go out and buy a Kameleon, I visited a mate to try his out before I commited to a purchase. Unfortunately he couldn't let me have a go as the batteries had run out. HES ONLY HAD THE THING FOR 3 WEEKS! It seems that the thing is switched on more than it's off if you are not careful. The slightest movement and it's up and running. I'd be interested to see how you all get on. I'm going to wait till the new year and see if this is a design fault.


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the boxes have a velcro cover that you can open and play about with the buttons and stuff, so you can experiment to some extent before you buy one but obviously in a fairly limited way. i was playing with one in Dixons the other days and surprisingly enough didn't get harrased by any sales assistants. i didn't seem overly sensitive to switching on, and the auto-off seemed to be fairly quick (well, half a minute or so). probably depends whereabouts you keep it (it might pick up vibrations as you move if it's on the sofa for example) and how bright you have the display on to some extent, although i look forward to testing it myself soon with any luck if dixons.co.uk get their arses into gear :D


Of course, if people have been playing with it in the shops, the bateries that come with it are going to have a shorter life...


I use 800 mAh Ni-MH rechargeables in mine - Using these seems to make the remote a little less motion sensitive but gives me all the light I require.

Fully charged batts last about 6 weeks and I give them abnormal use with continuous re-programming.

High initial outlay but saves in the long run.

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