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Have just bought a Kameleon 6in1 remote.

Had problems with the codes for a Toshiba sd-43HK, which I also use as my amp.

Phoned support who said they do not have the codes yet!!!Even though the Kameleon is 'futureproof'.

Thought this would be the ideal toy to enable me to e.g. press the DVD button and the DVD would be ready to play and the Plasma (Hitachi 42PMA400E) monitor would switch to component input. Simple enough. Nope, support says cannot be done.

Any ideas to do this? OR

Any ideas on alernate remotes!!!
Look at JP1 Technology - I started into this last November, best thing I ever did in Home Cinema - With a JP1 interface I can programme a Kameleon 6 to do whatever I need

eg Press my sat device button and it starts my Panasonic Plasma Screen with the correct input selected & the Skybox & DVD cinema sound.

Press vcr and everything happens thats needed.

Dim the lights

Start up the DVD and open the drawer.

Start the Skybox on the channel of my choice.

Completely reuses the remote and if you make a mistake when setting up you can upload the original configuration (provided you remembered to save it).

All software is free and it only requires Excel '97 or later on a PC.

Ron :cool:

Excuse my ignorance but where do I find information about JP1 Technology?

Very curious now

JP1 is a technology devised by a gifted group in the USA

Very simple for the novice to use with fantastic support from the forums.

Does require concentration and initially a high learning curve but no programming expertise.

If interested you need a JP1 interface recommend Tom at [email protected], will cost about £25 including airmail postage and will probably arrive in about 5 days,

Read JP1 for Beginners v1.1 on the Site and you will understand the concept.

Much simpler than Pronto coding



Thanks for that.

Have just started reading. Know what you mean about getting your head round it.

Guess I've got a lot of reading ahead of me - and for a remote!!!

Who'd have thought it.

Any tips?
Yes - The notes give you the idea but it really is much simpler than it sounds.

Basically you learn from your existing original remote - upload via the interface to IR.exe and the complete contents of your original remote is revealed.

From IR.exe you manually type in the protocols and the EFCs in the columns provided in KM or RM (both do same job but RM is Java and KM is Excel)

Then put the functions on the buttons you wish to use.

Copy the output back into IR.exe.

Do this for all your remotes and when you have a 'full house' in IR.exe upload to the Kameleon and thats it!!!

Perhaps over simplified but thats the gist

All the software required is freely availiable from the site (actually storage and software files are kept at Yahoo)

Also you may be lucky and find someone has already done the work for your device and you may find it in the Stored Devices area.

Pleased to help with any other info. - Good Luck


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