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I am after some advice. My wife is due an upgrade on Vodafone, and she would like an N73. I am coming up for an upgrade to, and I like the K800i. I am on O2, she is on Vodafone. Can you use the video calling on both of these phones?

Which phone do you think is better? Also, I'm hunting for the best tarriff at the moment, which when comparing my bill with hers, is favouring O2, as her monthly for roughly the same talk/txt time Vodafone is always dearer.

Any thoughts :lease:




i had EXACTLY the same dilemma not so long ago.

I had the unusable D900 and wanted to swap for either K800i or the N73.
I went for the K800i and here is my reason.

Its just easier to use. I am one of these people who gets annoyed at the little things ( i like it easy and fast !!!!). I had the W810i before and loved it.
The main issue i had was texting. The K800i makes it so easy, giving you a list of recent contacts you sent too, it remembers recently typed words, it is very easy to scroll words etc etc.
Also it is very fast. I have it on Orange and its fast with their O/S, and im now ging to de-brand it, meaning it should be faster !!
Im sure the N73 has the same texting ability, but it cant touch the K800i for speed of menus etc. I like to whip the phone out, text, call, take a phot etc then whip it back in my pocket, and the W810i was perfect for that, and the K800i is just as good.
The screen on the K800i is very bright and user friendly. The keypad could do with being a bit bigger, but it isnt an issue.

You CAN video call with the K800i, and im pretty sure you can on the N73.

I read alot about the K800i and the N73, and have found a load of good links. It really depends on what you looking for a phone. If you want one out of the box that works easy, then the K800i, but if you want to adapt and mod your phone in ways of programs etc then the N73 maybe your best bet.

Read up on these :








Thats a pretty reasonable explanation; i was in the same dilemma, either the K800 or the N73.

I eventually chose the N73, mainly for TomTom, better video recording (the N73 does 352x288, the K800 only does 176x144), more storage available now (I've got a 2gig card in there, 4gig is available), and easy access to PDF and word documents (essential for me to keep the train timetables on there!).

And now that Tomb Raider Legends is out on the N73, I'd say its definitely got a major edge on gaming, but that may not be important to you.

The K800 does have the edge on still image quality, but thats not to say the N73 is bad at all, check out my Flickr pages for some examples of the still quality on the N73.

For a lot of people the K800 is the better bet though - the menus are a lot quicker, the camera will start up a lot faster (the N73 lags badly on camera/app startup times).

And one final thing against the N73 is that on SMS you cannot do smileys/emoticons. The K800 has a great selection of such things, as well as being able to insert little animations, which are just not available on the N73.


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I agree with clonmult - I have both the N73 and the K800 and would recommend the K800i over the N73. The menu speed and layout on the K800i is far superior, not to mention the slider for the camera lens - on the Nokia i constantly find i've activated the camera in my pocket; small niggly things like that make the K800 the better choice for me.


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Also, I'm hunting for the best tarriff at the moment,

Any thoughts :lease:



Personally I am very happy with my N73 as I find it more flexible (with 3rd party support) esp since I have upgraded the firmware to Music Edition. Anyways for finding the best contract i find THIS website very helpful.


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I prefer the K800I my self but I love SE so......
Best advice is to go in a phone shop and have a play with them both, it'll be horrible on Vodafone with all their branding IMO.

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