K750 Joystick problems ?


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Anyone had problems with their k750 joystick ?

A few weeks ago mine didn't respond very well to down and took a bit of force to get it to go down, it then seemed ok, but now doesn't respond very well to up.

Anyone else found this ?


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I know that the main cause of problems with the 500 and the 700 is the joystick. It does tend to get a bit stuck. Since we don't have the 750i in stock yet, I can't comment on that, but I assume the same problems would occur, though less frequently.


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There's not really. Just get it sent away from repair. Sony Ericsson have a 24 month warranty on all phones bought after September (12 months before September) so you'll be covered.


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I think i'll wait a week or so see if this works itself out like the problem with scrolling down did, if not i shall send it away.

Although, its only lasted 3 months, i'm not gonna be too happy about sending it away every 3 months if its gonna keep happening, brilliant phone apart from that though.


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I had this problem on my K700. It was on a contract with T-Mobile. Went to the store and they sent it of to get fixed and was back in 3 days.


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