JZ2000 losing all Freeview channels.


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I bought my JZ2000 in January and it has been a fabulous and reliable TV.
However, over the last couple of weeks, it has lost all Freeview tuning data and therefore all channels on a number of occasions, meaning a retune to get the channels back.
The aerial is looped to the TV via a Youview box, which has loop through enabled. Both Youview box and TV are put into standby each evening and never turned off at the mains.
The Youview box has no such issues and has never lost any channels.
The TV lost all the Freeview channels overnight as it was okay Saturday evening when switched ‘off’, but this afternoon, switching on the message shown was ‘No channels found. Press okay to start auto tune’.
This has now happened four times and is getting to be a pain. I had previously changed the aerial leads, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.
Curiously, prior to this TV, I have had various Philips TV’s for quite a few years without any issue and so can confidently rule out the aerial and cabling.
Not really related as such, but the JZ2000 internal satellite tuner has never lost channels and so it’s purely a Freeview issue.
I would appreciate any help or advice before going back to the retailer (a local Panasonic dealer).
Thank you in anticipation.


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Presumably, enabling loop-through on the YouView box should essentially disable any power-saving/ECO modes and allow you to watch the TV with the box turned off ? When you've lost the channels on the TV, has that been with the box on or off ?

If the TV appears to lose it's channels even with the YouView box turned on, I would probably still connect the TV directly to the aerial temporarily to rule out the box as the cause. Do you have decent signal strengths ?

I've had EPG issues with my previous Panasonic plasma and both the plasma and current OLED have issues with 'forgetting' the Home Cinema/TV speaker setting occasionally, although I've never lost tuned channels on either.


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The Youview box is set to Smart standby mode and when in standby, I can view the TV’s Freeview channels okay.
I always switch the Youview box on first as it switches the TV on automatically to the correct source HDMI.
The TV is showing a good signal level, but I will take your advice and connect the TV directly to the aerial lead tonight before switching off.
It’s odd that it never happened with my previous Philips TV’s though.


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