JZ1000 unreliable


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Hi People,

First thing to say is love the picture. Second thing is to say I am not so loving about the bad switch on/switch off behaviour.

The set up:

Marantz SR6014 receiver connecting AppleTV, Oppo 205 Blu-Ray and JZ1000 all together. The issue I am seeing is that switching off sometimes works, and sometimes the set will switch back on again. Has taken up to 3 times to get it to finally switch off. The HDMI/Viera are set to switch off/on connected devices. Often when I have the switch off problem, when I switch the set back on, the receiver won't and has to be manually switched on. Then oftern the Sound has been set to TV rather than Home Cinema.

Very annoying and I suspect a fight between HDMI settings and Viera settings. Do I need both if none of the connected devices are Panasonic? If I turn if off, the AppleTV remote no longer functions and HDMI control is turned off.




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Sounds like a device is somehow conflicting. Try unplug one at a time and see which one it is. You can usually tell by setting the sound to TV and try set it back to home cinema. It will usually fail when the device is conflicting.

If it does prove to be the above problem, then the only fix that seems to work is to use a 'HDMI CEC Less adapter' for that particular device.


Its not the JZ100 that is unreliable it is HDMI CEC. Manufacturers implement it slightly differently so it is a complete lottery trying to get different makes of kit to work together sensibly. Much better to turn it off and get a remote to manage it all - your stress levels will drop and you will live longer.

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