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JVC X3/RS40 remote control not working properly


Active Member
Hi All,

I have just received an ex-demo RS40 (from Projectorpoint) but the remote is not working properly.

I have contacted Projectorpoint directly, but thought some of you guys might have experienced the same problem as me. The remote control supplied does not seem to work properly with the RS40. When the projector is in standby and I press the "ON" button on the remote, the projector standby LED which starts off RED, flashes green twice, before returning to red. Pressing any button on the remote results in the same two green flashes.

The projector can "see" the remote - so at least the remote is sending some commands.

If I power on the projector using the rear controls, it works fine, but the remote control still has no effect.

The RS40 is an ex-demo model and the remote is product number is RM-MH11G

Anyone got any ideas?


PS I've Googled and searched all the possible threads here, but nothing pops up. I've even read the manual!


Distinguished Member
It's possible that the Remote has been switched to B Code. This is normally used to control two projectors in the same room without interference. I can't remember from memory if the projector flashes the LEDs when it receives a signal of the opposite code, but the easiest way to check is to change the code and see what happens.

To switch between the codes, press and hold the "Menu" and “Back” buttons on the Remote Control for three seconds or more. All of the buttons on the remote control will flash. The buttons will flash twice to indicate that the Remote Control has switched to Code B, and three times to indicate that the Remote Control has switched to Code A. Each time you press and hold the “Menu” and “Back” buttons, the Remote Control will toggle between Code A and Code B.

Loren J

Novice Member
didnt solve my ptoblem,my x3 still rarely works with remote,if ever,except to turn it on,thats all,
Did you ever resolve your problem. I have an RS40 that does the exact same thing and if I press the "Back" button on the back panel of the projector every thing works fine after that. Sounds like the same problem to me. you might press the back button on your X3 and see if you get the same results.

Loren J

Novice Member
Great, let me know if yours works the same. I am thinking I will have to send mine in to Mendtronix and I will let you know what they say.
i flashed mine earlier today and its exactly the same, the update said it was done succesfully but how do i check the firmware version on the menu,i cant find it anywhere cheers

Loren J

Novice Member
You have to return out of the update mode (all three led's on), then wait 40 seconds then I think you press the "get ver." button on the pc software and it will return the version number. I think you have to wait a few (30) seconds as I recall but you should be able to get the version number after you leave the "flash mode". Also the projector has to be on to get the version number and that takes a little while too.

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