JVC Vs Toshiba 37"

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Jan 27, 2002
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OK, so thanks to powerhouse in Slough, I saw both of these right next to each other (JVC 37DS6, Toshiba 37WLT58). My next TV is one of these - but which one.

I'd appreciate any comments, info on either of these sets, or their littler brothers (in case behaviour is inherited). So far, I have these outstanding thoughts:

+ 2xHDMI
- noisy over HDMI like the 56?
-/+ standard wall mount? (I have no idea)

+ slick styling
- only 1 HDMI
- JVC proprietary wall mount?

Both are reasonably stylish in different ways. Toshiba is more understated, but thats no bad thing.

I don't know the response rates of these - anyone help? I don't care about specs but if anyone has compared response rates it'd be good to hear your thoughts. It'll have its fair share of gaming (and no, I'm not buying the Sony :p )
I haven't seen the JVC, but the response time of the Tosh seems really good both for video and on my xbox - not a hint of it.

I know I said in another thread that the picture over HDMI was grainy at all but 1080i but I think that's more to do with it not being fed a true HD picture (coming from a HDMI equipped DVD player) than an actual problem with the set. I think 1080i looks best as the Tosh is doing a better job of smoothing out MPEG 2 artifacts.

I'd bet that when fed a proper HD signal at 720p (as in Sky HD or xbox 360) that noise will dissapear - well, hopefully anyway.

I'm certainly very pleased with mine. Mind you, if anyone could tell me how to select my DVD on HDMI1 with without having to press the AV button six times! (and then go past it - so another six) I'd be even happier :eek:)
One other thing- can you map channels to inputs? eg press '6' to get to AV3? The HDMIs are always last, and they don't autoswitch, so this would be really handy.

Just checked the manuals and they didn't say anything about this.
No - I don't think you can.

Hence my button pushing dilema above ^

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