JVC-THR1 - Sync Issue


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Hi all,

Excellent forum - very useful :thumbsup:

I'm looking at upgrading my TV to a 37" plasma. I presently have a Philips 28" CRT. However I did buy a JVC TH-R1 home cinema system a couple of years ago in an attempt to upgrade my TV package...

Anyway, should have probably found this forum before buying the JVC system as it is the worst bit of kit I have bought in some time... Most infuriating thing about it is the lack on an audio delay feature leading to lip sync issues (presviously reported on this forum!) when using the system linked by my Samsung Virgin Media box (via Scart).

Would like your opinions on ways forward in prep for my new TV:
- is there any way of sorting out this lip sync issue without blowing £150 on an audio delay unit?
- do all new "all in 1" systems have audio delay built in?

I guess if I can't sort this out I'll have to ebay it and then get a new one with an audio delay feature at the same time as a new TV?? Really annoying as that JVC thing costs a fair few £££! :suicide:

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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