Jvc Tha 35r - Noisy Fan Solution

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by dagger, May 17, 2004.

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    In case anyone is interested I have recently rearranged my setup to try and get the whistling fan to stop. Its not really a fix (ie I didnt open the unit or anything) but has worked a treat for me so far.

    My unit used to fire up the internal fan after about 30 mins of playing a dvd - noise was very off putting to say the least.

    I have now rearranged my system with the jvc tha35r totally on its own at the bottom of my set up with nothing on top of it (used to have it sitting in between vcr and sky digibox (both of these chucked out loads of heat)

    To help matters even more I have attached small silver doorknobs to each foot of the jvc to raise it another half inch off the floor (the air intake fins are underneath). Basically this has meant the unit can now stay as cool as possible and I have now watched 5 x 2hour+ movies on it in this situation without any fan noise

    Hurrah - hope this helps someone :rotfl:

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