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jvc th-a75r

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by mutation, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. mutation


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    Hello all,

    I'm New to the home cinema scene, and was wondering if anyone here would be able to lend me a much needed helping hand with some advice.

    I've recently purchased the Hitachi PMA400E. My original plan was to run all my music (radio, cd's and mp3) dvd's and divx through a new pc i had just bought (An MSI MEGA PC with P4 2.66, 120 HDD, RAdion 8500, 512mb RAM) and then run all of these via a my Videologic Digitheatre, via the SPDIF output on my pc straight into the SPDIF input on my videlogic.

    I have since tested the above and have a couple of probs.

    The sound quality is not very good at all, it's too bassey, and with the videlogic there seems no real easy way of setting this up. The sound is that clear, and the main main problem is i'm a bit of a volume head when it comes my music. The videlogic has no real sound at all. I've tried adjusting all possibly sound settings but alas it doesn't seem to work.

    To be honest when i bought the videlogic i wasn't overly impressed anyway so in the back of my mind i though i might well have to upgrade in anycase.

    So there's the background what I'm now wondering is the following.

    I have seen a review of the JVC TH-A75R. I like the look of it and the reviews are good, my main bone of contention is whether this would be a good setup for what i am planning to do.

    I.e. connect my pc via an SPDIF connection and also my plasma for audio (phono) output.

    I am also toying with the idea of just buying a av reciever and some speakers (I was looking at kef but then it's pushing my budget up even more!!!!!) at the same time though i realise if i do this im having a top notch screen with top notch sound a a pc based dvd player !!! perhaps not the best idea. i have since got the dvd player on the pc working lovely, and am very happy.

    so seperates it could be

    i'm sorry i feel as if im ramblng here, and probably making no sense

    Right, deep breath

    Will the JVC system allow me to play normal music nice and clear and nice and loud!!!! or am i barking up the wrong tree with this.

    sorry to go on

    and thanks


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