JVC SX21 , a CRT convert



I saw one of these that had been Phelps calibrated while I was in the States in Jan and ordered one on the strength of one long demo! I am picking up my bandaided SX21 on Friday.
I never really took much interest in the D-ILA machines and was blown away by the film like quality of the modded JVC on a 110' diag Firehawk screen. Many Thanks to Robert for the demo!
I had considered going the DLP route but I seem to be really sensitive to rainbows and get a headache after just a 15 min viewing session plus the nasties that every DLP projector I have seen exhibit on fast pans.
I think D-ILA technology has the potential to be the ultimate form of digital projection in the next few years with mega high resolution and hopefully scaling to do it justice. The contrast is limited at present but with calibration and a Firehawk screen it made this of no concern to me.
I am not saying CRT is dead by any means but I think its days are numbered and in maybe 3 to 5 years time CRT projectors will be the awkward and expensive option.
The SX21 will do me till a full HD res (or more), 2000 lumen and 3000+/1 contrast D-ILA machine becomes available.



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I had a demo of an SX21 before xmas and had the same thoughts, I was saving my pennies to get one. I have since picked up a S/hand M15 and I am rear projecting onto a 'Glasfire' sceen, find it suits me very well


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