JVC Smart TV LT-32C690 sudden picture loss - software or new motherboard?


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Staying at friend's. TV fine for two days and suddenly no picture.

After two days when I went to programme guide the screen suddenly went black.

Trying restarting a few ways the picture came back for a short while then went again. A few more restarts etc and it came back fine for a day. Then it went to being ok for about a couple of minutes and then it would go blank. Did this several times and now it seems stuck not working at all.

It's current state is the screen comes on to the JVC logo, then the screen goes blank after about 5 seconds.

Anyone any idea what is going on?

One final oddity is the remote's behaviour was weird from the outset. To turn the TV on the only buttons that would get a picture to show was the up/down channel rocker - pushing a channel number would NOT start the TV. Also the major ON/OFF button does not turn the TV off at the moment (I have used new batteries).

This all seems v odd. Does it need a new motherboard? Are motherboards reasonably priced or is the TV just toast? (It seemed lovely when it was working.)

Grateful for any thoughts.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

PS I looked for a hardware reset button on the back but could not find anywhere to stick a paperclip in. Is there a hardware reset.
PPS Sorry if this is not a clear as it should be. I have been down with mild Covid for four days and my brain is a bit funurgled still!


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No, TV's don't have reset buttons, pulling the power to it for 10-15mins will reset most TV's, have you tried that?, it often cures weird symptoms and software lockups.
If after trying that there’s no change, you can certainly take it apart, (after unplugging it at the power socket and observing full safety precautions), note any part nos on the board and Google for replacements but bear in mind a fault in the screens backlighting LED's can also cause those symptoms and you can end up throwing money away on it.


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JayCee thanks for that. The switching on/off reset is not what I was talking about. Hardware reset is standard on laptops (a small hole into which you stick a paperclip) and is often found on high complexity products (DVD players used to have it plus set top boxes). It resets to a pre-determined hardware state that gets you behind all the main settings but seems like you are right and there is not one on this.

I was finally human enough to get out of bed today and the picture came on almost straight away. When (if) it fails again I will check if it is just the lamp (shining a light on the screen should show the picture if it is just the light) and then try and move things forward.

It is only 18 months old but sadly not worth repairing through normal channels.

All the best


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As JayCee said, you don't usually get reset buttons on TVs like you do on other electrical products. A factory reset to 'shipping condition' is carried out either via the menu or possibly a combination of button presses if the screen isn't working.

According to the Consumer Rights Act, goods must be 'fit for purpose' and 'last for a reasonable length of time' so if the TV is faulty and only 18 months old then your friend should take it up with the retailer, as that is clearly an unacceptable length of time for a TV to last and hopefully any reputable retailer will agree. They may also have additional protection if it was bought with a credit card.

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